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We are proud to be the exclusive PDQ distributor for Michigan .We have a full line of PDQ parts in stock on our trucks or at our warehouse. We have factory trained technicians that can service your wash. We also have parts available for direct shipment.
For over 25 years, PDQ has provided the car wash industry with cutting-edge technological advances in car wash equipment and car wash systems, including the first contouring arch and the Virtual Treadle. 
PDQ has always been recognized as the world-leading manufacturer of touchless car wash equipment with one of the most powerful names in the industry - LaserWash®.
That same energy and passion that we bring to the touchless industry is being unleashed onto the friction market with our ProTouch® line of in-bay automatic brush equipment.

If you have any question concerning deliveries, pick-ups or prices, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our friendly customer service staff will help find the best solutions for you.
We are proud to be a distributor for Michigan .We have Gin San parts available to either install or ship direct to you. We can install or repair your self serve wash.
GinSan Industries was founded in 1976 to provide the self-service car wash industry with great products. Over the past 34 years, GinSan has evolved to be much more than just a car wash company. Our product and service offering has expanded to convenience stores and gas stations, manufacturing, apartment complexes, golf courses, rental car companies, veterinary clinics and pet stores.

We are an authorized Sonny's distributor for Michigan. We install tunnel systems and have parts available for repairs or direct shipment.
Sonny's Car Wash Equipment Company has been in the car wash business since 1949 and is the largest manufacturer of conveyorized car wash systems in the world. We also have a full line of OEM parts for Hanna, Peco, PDQ, Belanger, Macneil, Ryko, and other car wash equipment manufacturers.
We are an authorized Airlift Door distributor in Michigan. We stock parts and install Airlift Door products.
Airlift Doors, Inc. has been a leader in the commercial door business for over 25 years. They have been manufacturing air powered openers since 1979 and polycarbonate doors since 1991.
Airlift specializes in car care applications such as car washes, service bays, car dealerships, oil change bays, salt storage sheds, and vehicle showrooms. They have a strong distributor network set up across the United States and work with a limited number of distributors overseas

We are an authorized Unitec Distributor for Michigan. We have years of experience working with Unitec systems and have parts available for service or for shipment.
Unitec was founded in 1983 by an electrical engineer and a carwash distributor who joined forces to develop the first discreet code entry system for the carwash market. 
Unitec has consistently produced the most advanced hardware and software available. As a Unitec customer, you are guaranteed the most return from your investment. Unitec products are distributed solely through carwash manufacturers and their authorized distributors.

We are an authorized distributor for Hamilton Manufacturing in Michigan.
Hamilton Manufacturing Corp. has been in business since 1921 and is a recognized industry leader in the development, manufacturing, and support of automated point-of-sale transaction systems; parking access systems, Data Access Networks, and token/change machines. Hamilton products are engineered and built to meet the demanding needs of the unattended car wash and parking industries, as well as, amusement, coin laundry, weigh stations and various other customized applications. 
Each application-specific Hamilton product is durable, flexible, and focused on owner and customer convenience and loyalty.
Hamilton products are designed and built to improve customer convenience and loyalty, while offering contemporary technology, legendary Hamilton durability and superior security. 

We are an authorized distributor for Ultimate Products. We have parts available and can service your Ultimate door and heater equipment.
Ultimate Products manufactures and distributes innovative energy-saving equipment nationwide. 
Their product line includes stainless steel radiant heaters, polycarbonate doors, air powered door operators, carwash buildings and much more. 
Ultimate's product quality, design expertise and services are backed by our 10 year warranty.

We are a TSS distributor in Michigan. We are able to customize and install signage that help to promote your business.

This year, TSS will be celebrating it’s 22 years in the car wash business. TSS has spent years designing, manufacturing and designing the best signs, menus, and tunnel fixtures you will find anywhere.

The car wash industry is gearing towards relying less on paid employees to direct customers and upsell car wash services, to achieve this objective we offer a wide selection of directional signs, traffic signs, menus and tunnel fixtures.

Study after study has shown that investing in the right set of signage will make a huge return on the investment and ultimately be the determining factor between a very successful thriving 
business and a struggling one.

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